Brent Sutter Consumes Human Flesh

January 9, 2009

Bring me your babies!!!!!!!!

Bring me your babies!!!!!!!!

After enduring the pain of watching my New Jersey Devils be shutout 4-0 by the floundering, largely talentless Atlanta Thrashers, I had plenty of time to view head coach Brent Sutters ‘angry face’.  And I am now convinced that this man, at one time or another, has consumed the flesh of another human being.  I dont think I have ever seen anyone display disgust on their face as intensely as Sutter does.

As far as Devils coaches go, I love the guy, hes intense, knows hockey, is a winner, was a ferociously mean player, all that good shit.  The one thing that I wondered about, while trying to avert my eyes from the overwhelming shittiness of the Devils last night, was, ‘what the fuck did Brent Sutter say to these guys before this game?’

Last night was far from a ‘must-win’ in the scheme of an NHL season, there are still 42 regular season games left for NJ, and, as you hockey fans know, thats an eternity.  Things can change for a club in either direction at the drop of a hat.  However, it was a home game before a long west coast road trip for the Devils, and a game they should have won, considering their opponent is in the basement of the conference.

So back to my question to myself last night…wtf did sutter say to these guys before this game?  If you happened to watch it, something was obviously wrong with the Devils. It was perhaps the worst game Ive seen them play all season, and it comes in a game that should be an easy win before a strech of tough games.  My best guess as to what he said is something along the lines of, ‘Play as hard as you can tonight”, you know, with a lot more ‘Canadian’ and expletives mixed in there…. At least thats what I would expect him to have done.  Im hoping he did not make that request/ultimatum, because if he did, the players responded by summarily choking a dick, and playing the sloppiest game Ive seen out of this team all season.

Apparently, Sutter is not all doom and gloom with his team, he does have a lighter side when things are going well, so hopefully for the team and the fans, this was just an anomaly and he did not do anything differently in prepping for last night.  If this, however, is an indication of how the team is going to play when they ‘get up’ for a game – it may be another short playoff run for the devils.


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