Obama, Brendan Shannahan, and the Super Bowl

January 20, 2009

So Im sure you all watched Obamas inauguration…very nice speech, and amazing turn out to witness it.  Very significant moment and all that…..

That said…I, for one, am already tired of the Obama fervor.  Its exciting, I get it.  Lets just get excited when this clusterfuck that our nation is mired in gets sorted out a bit, alright?

Im gonna wait until at least July to get any type of excited about all of this. Obviously, our 8 year nightmare has ended, and Im just as happy as everyone else about that.  However, much like in the South Park depiction of this situation, I feel people are a little overexcited. Like I said, Im excited for this new era to begin…Im just not ready to abandon my viewpoint that all politicians are generally lying scumbags.  Barack may be the best thing to come along for American politics in a long time, perhaps ever…Im just tempering my expectations…thats all. Everyone calm the fuck down.

In other, more interesting news, the Arizona Cardinals are in the Super Bowl.

What the fuck? Seriously.  If you told somebody 15 years ago we’d have a black president and the Cardinals would be in the super bowl, they would, rightfully so, laugh in your face.  Because both of those things seemed impossible at the time.

Completing this bizarre trifecta, of sorts, is the fact that Brendan Shannahan returned to the Devils last night, 14 years later, and scored a power-play goal.  While this is obviously is only slightly more important than the inauguration, it certainly is much more exciting, especially considering the fact that Shannahan looked alert, strong on his skates, and very aggressive in his first game with the Devils this year.  He does not look like a 40 year old player trying to get back on his game, he looks more like a 30 year old in midseason form…

And with Brent Sutter looking like the best fit behind the bench for the Devils that Ive ever seen,  the shrewd drafting of Zach Parise looking more and more golden every night, a resurgent Patrick Elias, and the way this team has not only held its own, but put its foot on the accelerator after Marty went down, there really is only one person that you can hold responsible for all of this. And thats this man, right here:

Kudos, Lou. Kudos.


One Response to “Obama, Brendan Shannahan, and the Super Bowl”

  1. Jen said

    cellllllebrate good obama COME ON!

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